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Looking to be in one of our upcoming shows?


Current Auditions

Click on image to print audition forms 
Auditions for 3B's Fall Show:


Monday, August 7, 7-10 PM
Tuesday, August 8, 7-10 PM

Both auditions at Waterville Playshop Building, 808 Michigan Ave, Waterville, OH. Need only be present for one of the two nights.


Auditioners should prepare up to two minutes of an upbeat, modern Broadway show tune. Accompanist will be provided. Additionally, there will be a short dance audition. If you have tap shoes, please bring them. There will be no cold reads at this time.

We will need a large cast! Lots of singing, dancing, and a lot of fun. "It's a Musical!"

Check out the show synopsis at

Show dates are October 5-8, 2023 @ Maumee Indoor Theatre.
Rehearsals will be held on Tuesday, Thursday, Friday Evenings (7-10PM) and Sunday afternoons (2-5PM).

Director, Joe Barton
Music Director, Janine Baughman

Choreographer, Jacob Toth
Producer, Jesse Bernal


Any additional questions, please contact Joe at



Thank you for auditioning for 3B's production of Something Rotten! Please read the following form COMPLETELY before filling-out the audition form. You may be asked to do some sight-reading of music after you audition from the show and possibly a few small reading scenes.  You do not need to be prepared for this as we know you are either sight reading or reading cold from the script.  Feel free to be as open and expressive as possible at your audition.


Please be advised that since this show is set in Elizabethan/Tudor England.  Therefore, we will be costuming you for this production.  Once cast, you will be measured for sizes.  There will be a small $25.00 costume fee to help offset the cost of renting period costumes.


-Attendance will be mandatory at all called rehearsals unless notified otherwise.  There will be occasions when not all cast will be needed at some scheduled rehearsals.  This will be announced, and an e-mail/Facebook notification will be sent to participants of all changes to schedule.  It will be your responsibility to check emails/Facebook regularly of updates and changes to schedule.


-If you miss more than three (3) rehearsals that are unexcused, you will be released from the cast.  Please list ALL expected absences on the back of your audition form including vacations, school functions, other rehearsals, etc.  Be honest and upfront with us, and if cast we will do our best to work around expected absences.


-As we our guests of Waterville Playshop and the Maumee Indoor Theatre, you should always treat the facility with utmost respect.

            -All garbage should be deposited in proper trash receptacles.

            -All toilets should be flushed upon use.

            -All personal materials taken with you upon exit of building.

            -Upon exit of building, all furniture returned to its proper place.

            -Assist with set-up and tear-down of chairs at rehearsals.


-Respect for Production Team, Technical Staff and for each other is always expected!  A poor attitude, lack of respect for Production Team, lack of respect for others will be cause for dismissal from the cast.


A Positive Mental Attitude will always be required.  Overtly negative behavior, excessive talking or disrespect towards anyone within the show or the Production Staff will be cause for dismissal from the cast. 


-A $45.00 Dollar REFUNDABLE book fee will be required of everyone for your script.  Once your script is returned, your check, cash or money-order will be returned to you.  No book=no refund. Only lead pencil is allowed in scripts.  A check made out to 3B Productions for the book deposit is preferable.

PLEASE look over the entire schedule.  If you know already that you have major scheduling issues, this may not be the best time to audition.  This is a very short rehearsal period with OCTA State Festival intermixed within the time frame.  You will be expected to be off-book three weeks prior to the performance dates as we will most likely be running the show or at least full acts at this time.  We rehearse Tues, Thur, Friday evenings and Sunday afternoons for those not familiar with our schedule.  We will be doing most of our rehearsals at Maumee Indoor Theatre and must adhere to their times and schedules.  Thanks in advance for your cooperation.


We thank you for your time and talent and hope that you will enjoy your time spent with 3B Productions.  We have had amazing success with our productions and hope this is yet another successful show.  We only want the best and most dedicated thespians.  We expect the best from you at every rehearsal.  We work hard, but we also have a lot of fun.  You also get a chance to work with some of the best talent in Northwest Ohio/SE Michigan.  We want to be upfront with all information and hope this form has given you valuable information prior to auditioning.  If you are no longer able to audition, we thank you for your time.  If you audition, we thank you in advance and wish you the best.  Please do not contact us. Everyone will be E-MAILED the results of casting.  We will send an email to everyone after the casting dates have been finished.  Make sure your email address is accurate with the audition table personnel.    


Thank you and break-a-leg on your audition!!

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